Paints and Varnishes

In the “all in one” or “from foundation to roof” manner, in our facilities in Sutorina “MS Katunjanin” you are able to find everything for your home: from building materials, different stones custom-cut to meet your desire, drink, fruit and vegetable stores, ceramics, sanitary ware and both exterior and interior paints. Finalize your living space decoration with tiles and sanitary ware of your choice from a catalogue filled with different shades and decorative colors, both by renowned manufacturers and by those less recognizable in our area.

And step by step, you have reached the very end. And at the end there are the final works. All you have left is to embellish your space with color, and we are able to assist you there as well. We offer a wide range of different shades for your selection, from classic wall paints to decorative ones applied in various techniques that will make your space very interesting, unique and of course beautiful. We provide a wide extent of decorative paints both for preservation and beautifying various surfaces. The offer includes interior paints and varnishes, effective products, and those for metal, wood and mineral surfaces.

Color is not merely a decoration but powerful means that will transform your home into an oasis of harmony and prosperity. Use all the potential of decorative paints to emphasize the appearance of your home. Changing the color is the most cost-effective way of altering a room or a building.

At our store, you may find all the parquet, wood and metal materials preservation paints (both the water-based and the dilution-based ones).

It is our outmost pleasure to introduce you to the “Tambur” company ( of an Israeli manufacturer that has facilitated their products and made them available for everyone to be able to decorate their own space. Famous techniques of Italian manufacturers such as “Sahara”, “Safari”, “Cashmir”, “Holet” and until recently “Juta”, which used to charge large amounts of money and require specialist tools, have been moderated to an every-day way which everyone will find accessible. With the help of our employees’ brief instructions, you will get to know the technique and thus you will be able to decorate your living space yourself.

Furthermore, there are different paints: for protection of wood, metal, aluminum and of course the ones for your home’s interior and exterior appearance.

Is there a need to introduce the “Zorka Šabac” company, which has recently started operating as a part of the “Tikkurila” firm (, which in turn stands behind these products? They cover a vast range of products, from wood, parquet, metal protection paints, exterior and interior colors and of course they offer all of them as water, oil or nitro-based.

By cooperating with numerous manufacturers and their representatives, we are eager to ensure that you are have everything in one place instantly or within one to two days. We cooperate with the likes of “Tambur”, “Tikkurila Zorka Šabac”, “Henkelom” ( and their extensive assortment of products, “Maxima” (, “Beorol” (, “Stamal”, “Wurth” (, “Jub” (, “Roma Company”, “Eurocolor” and many others.

We hope you will leave satisfied with our “all in one” style. We are expecting you!

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